I am selling a car that I have insured with you. Does the warranty also apply to the new owner?

If the DEFEND Car Protect warranty is still valid, in most cases it may be transferred to a new owner when the car is sold. The insured is obliged to report the change of the owner of the vehicle within 14 days of the sale of the vehicle through the transfer form, which is part of the Warranty Program. The DEFEND representative then confirms the approval / denial of the transfer.

Can I change the accident insurance company during insurance period of DEFEND Gap?

Yes, the accident insurance company can not only be changed during the DEFEND Gap policy’s term, but you can also adjust the insurance amount to the current general vehicle price. Note! In the event that the insurance policies of your accident insurance are not immediately enforced, the DEFEND Gap insurance contract is still valid, but it does not cover you at the time when the accident insurance is interrupted.

How do I report a change?

To avoid complications in the settlement your claim, we would appreciate your timely notification of any changes to your insurance (e.g. changes to the vehicle’s registration).
Please contact us at +36 (1) 800-8030 or e-mail us at info@defendinsurance.hu about the changes.