How can I purchase DEFEND insurance?

DEFEND insurance products can be purchased through an extensive network of our contractual partners (new and used car dealers, insurance brokers and leasing companies), usually when purchasing your car. We therefore advise you to ask your broker about DEFEND insurance and arrange the insurance through them.
In case your dealer does not offer DEFEND insurance products, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on +36 (1) 800-8030 and if your vehicle meets our criteria, we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Where do I have to buy a car so I can purchase the DEFEND Car Protect extended warranty?

DEFEND Car Protect warranties can only be provided by our contractual partners - sellers of new or used vehicles in the Czech Republic. If you are looking for a car and you are interested in DEFEND Car Protect, please contact us and we will make confirm if the dealer you want to buy a car from is one of our contractors.

The DEFEND Car Protect warranty on a used car can be arranged only on the day and at the point of sale of the vehicle by our contract dealer.

The DEFEND Car Protect warranty for a manufacturer's warrantied vehicle can be negotiated either directly with the dealer or one of our co-operating insurance brokers, until the 2-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty expires, if the vehicle does not exceed the specified mileage limit for insurance (see Products / Automotive Guarantees / Diamond, Crystal).

What do I do if I buy a used vehicle without a service book?

The warranty can also be arranged for a vehicle without a service book, but the insured is also obliged to carry out regular service inspections in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This applies to the period during which the insured is the owner of the vehicle, respectively for DEFEND Car Protect insurance period. We recommend clients keep all documents relating to vehicle maintenance and servicing as proof in case of an event occurring which may lead to a claim being made.

When and where can DEFEND GAP be negotiated?

DEFEND GAP insurance can be arranged within 120 days of the purchase of the vehicle (from the date on the invoice / purchase contract for the vehicle) through the dealer you are buying the car from (if they have a co-operation agreement with us) or with one of our co-operating insurance brokers. If you are interested in DEFEND GAP, please call our information phone line +36 (1) 800-8030 or send us an email via

U které pojišťovny musím mít sjednané havarijní pojištění, abych mohl/a uzavřít DEFEND Which insurance companies do I need to have contracted accident insurance with so that I can purchase DEFEND GAP?

Your vehicle can be covered by emergency insurance at any insurance company in the Hungary that provides motor vehicle accident insurance. Make sure your accident insurance covers all risks of total damage and theft you want to be covered by DEFEND GAP.
Accident insurance is not a condition in the case of the DEFEND Gap MINI insurance option only.