Insurance cancellation

We are convinced that our first-class products and services suit everyone! However, if you need to terminate your insurance contract for any reason, here is some helpful information.

For full details, please refer to the Insurance Policy of your Insurance Policy or the Civil Code.

You can cancel your insurance policy by notice of cancellation in written form delivered through registered mail or by e-mail.

You have the right to cancel the insurance policy within 60 days of receiving your policy without giving any reason. The day of delivery of the notice begins to run an eight-day notice period which expires on expiry of the insurance.

After this period, you may cancel the insurance only for reasons stated in the Civil Code or the relevant Insurance Program conditions (for example sale, theft or total damage to the vehicle, within 3 months of the occurrence of the insured event, policyholder's death or dissolution of a corporation and others).

When a policy is canceled before its expiration date a return premium may be owed to the insured. The return premium will be based on the cancellation reason, the part of the policy period that the insurance has been in effect and whether you have made a claim on the policy.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.