Insurance for passenger cars

We provide our clients with bespoke insurance solutions in automotive sector focusing on GAP and Extended Warranties for new and used vehicles.

The purchase of a car is one of the most important financial decision a person or family has to make. It is necessary to consider not only the high initial investment but also the risk of potential additional cost on car repairs as well as of accident or theft.

We are actively developing our portfolio to reflect new consumer tastes and lifestyles. Nowadays we see the opportunity in a changing world where customers attitudes are being shaped in order to protect the environment and increasing preferences for alternative fuel cars. This is why we are developing our portfolio of insurance programmes for electric cars, hybrids and CNG or LPG cars.

Driven by our industry‑leading research and development network, combined with deep consumer insights, we are speeding up meaningful innovation to bring products and services to the market quickly.

Our aim is to have market leading products in each of the categories in which we compete.

When purchasing your car, ask your dealer for DEFEND INSURANCE products.