DEFEND Key Protect+

DEFEND Key Protect+ insurance is a unique combination of several products in one. In addition to protecting you in the event of theft, loss or locking of your car keys, protection is also extended to your house/apartment keys. In addition, the insurance even works in the event of the theft of registration plates and technical licence.

There probably isn't a person who hasn't lost something valuable such as their car keys. It is said that every third car owner has lost them at least once in their life. In addition, modern car keys are sophisticated devices and new ones can cost up to 3000 PLN. And there is also a lot of stress and inconvenience associated with such losses. Luckily, DEFEND Key Protect+ insurance offers effective protection and loss of car keys may no longer be a nightmare.

Additionally, DEFEND Key Protect+ goes beyond just protection of car keys. It also helps in case of loss or theft of house or flat keys, theft of registration plates or even technical license of the vehicle.

DEFEND Key Protect+ insurance can be taken out for up to 3 years and can be a stand-alone insurance as well as an extension to other DEFEND INSURANCE policies such as DEFEND Gap and DEFEND Car Protect.

  • Insurance period up to 3 years.
  • Total insurance benefit limit is 3000 PLN.
    individual insuruance risks have their own limits:
    • Car Key theft – 3 000 PLN
    • Car Key loss – 1 500 PLN
    • Unlocking of the vehicle – 1 000 PLN
    • Theft of registration plates or technical license – 200 PLN
    • Home Key theft – 500 PLN
    • Home Key loss – 250 PLN
  • Covers an unlimited number of claims up to the limit of insurance benefit.
  • Without deductible.

  • When the insurance can be concluded?  
    • Insurance can be concluded anytime - it is not limited to the day of vehicle purchase.
    • Insurance period begins on the day following the conclusion of the insurance contract.  

  • How can it be concluded? 
    • Insurance can be concluded through an extensive network of our contractual partners (new and used car dealers, insurance brokers etc.).

General obligations of the insured

In the event of theft of keys, home keys, registration plates or technical license, Insured is obliged to report the theft of keys to the police. In the event of loss of the key, the report to the Police is not needed. However, if it is the second of two Car Keys or Home Keys (ie the authorized person has the key and has the opportunity to operate the vehicle), the Insurer sets a waiting period of 10 days, ie in this case from reporting of the claim to the Insurer until making the new key must elapse at least 10 calendar days. In the event that the waiting period obligation is not fulfilled, the Insurer may reject/reduce the insurance indemnity.

The Insured is obliged to report the loss event to the administrator without undue delay after its occurrence, but no later than within 30 days from the date of the loss event. Otherwise, the Insurer may reject/reduce the insurance indemnity.

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ul. Ligocka 103
Tel.: +48 32 797 10 41

Be careful to prevent damage and cause damage. Take the necessary measures to ensure that the damage does not increase further. Allow the Insurer the inquiries necessary to assess whether you are entitled to compensation (insurance indemnity). Let the Insurer inspect the damaged item and examine the causes and extent of the damage to determine the amount of insurance benefits. Provide true information when reporting damage. If, when reporting a loss event, you knowingly provide false, grossly distorted material information relating to the circumstances of the occurrence or extent of such events, or withhold such information, the Insurer may reject the claim for indemnity.

You are obliged to send photocopies of the following documentation to the administrator either by post or (scanned) by email:
a. The Claim form.
b. The Declaration of Vehicle Registration, section 2 (B) (Technical Licence).
c. An invoice or receipt proving the payment of the cost of obtaining new keys, home keys, registration plates or technical license, replacing locks or unlocking the Insured Vehicle.
d. In the event of theft of keys, home keys, registration plates or technical license, a copy of the “Notification of theft” and the file number under which the Police of the Czech Republic investigates this fact. If the file number is not submitted, the right to the payment of the insurance indemnity will be rejected.

The "Claim Report" form and other information that the administrator will request must be sent within thirty days from the date of the Insured Event.

Insurance indemnity shall be paid to the Insured within 15 days of receipt of the relevant invoices for the approved claim expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Important: The previous information may differ from the insurance contract concluded specifically for your vehicle. In the event of any inconsistencies, only the terms of your insurance contract shall prevail.