What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance is generally used as a supplement to accident insurance.
GAP = Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance is offered in connection with the purchase or financing of a car, and the client is guaranteed for insurance against the original purchase price of the vehicle in case of total damage or theft, or the client is protected against the debt to the leasing company or the bank.

Why do I need GAP insurance? Is GAP insurance worth it?

Most of us can’t predict the future, but unfortunately one thing is certain - car theft and traffic accidents happen every day.

Did you know that:

  • ..in the Czech Republic, a traffic accident is reported every 6 minutes? *
  • ..the material damage caused to vehicles from traffic accidents per year exceeds to 4 900 million CZK? *
  • ..on average, a vehicle is stolen every hour in the Czech Republic and only less than 20% are returned to the owners? *
  • ..hailstorms and floods in August 2010 devalued 18,000 motor vehicles? *
  • ..the price of a new car can fall to 50% of its original purchase value in the first 5 years from purchase? *

We pay what the CASCO insurance does not pay by default.

*Source: MVČR a ČAP

Which GAP insurance is the most suitable for me?

The cheapest option is not always the best option nor the most expensive option the finest. You need to carefully look at the risk you are exposed to and then choose your insurance coverage accordingly.

  • Are you buying an expensive vehicle in cash or on a loan and want to be sure that if you lose it, will you be able to pay the same price for another? DEFEND Gap MAX is the right one for you.
  • Are you purchasing a car for operating leases and do not want to get into debt to the leasing company in case of theft / total damage? Then DEFEND Gap LEASE is the best choice for you.
  • Are you an experienced driver, park your car in a garage, but you are afraid of ‘pirates‘ of the road? DEFEND Gap MINI is here for you.
  • You don’t feel that you should lose your money for being part of an accident claim? Complete variants 1) and 2) with DEFEND Gap XS (coverage of accident insurance).

When and where can DEFEND GAP be negotiated?

DEFEND GAP insurance can be arranged within 120 days of the purchase of the vehicle (from the date on the invoice / purchase contract for the vehicle) through the dealer you are buying the car from (if they have a co-operation agreement with us) or with one of our co-operating insurance brokers. If you are interested in DEFEND GAP, please call our information phone line +420 233 103 111 or send us an email via info@defendinsurance.eu.

Can I change the accident insurance company during insurance period of DEFEND Gap?

Yes, the accident insurance company can not only be changed during the DEFEND Gap policy’s term, but you can also adjust the insurance amount to the current general vehicle price. Note! In the event that the insurance policies of your accident insurance are not immediately enforced, the DEFEND Gap insurance contract is still valid, but it does not cover you at the time when the accident insurance is interrupted.