Gap Insurance for Passenger Vehicles

With DEFEND Gap insurance, the value of your car don’t have to drop down for the next 5 years.

GAP insurance is still a great unknown for many, but it is a simple concept that brings peace to clients or saves them a lot of worries.

The GAP = Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance is usually offered in connection with the purchase or financing of a car and the client is covered in the case of total damage or theft of the vehicle up to the purchase price of the car or the client is protected against the debt to the leasing company or the bank.

In practice, this means that you will receive the insurance benefit only from your insurance premium at the market price of your vehicle at the date of the insured event, deducting the amount of your contracted share. GAP insurance will pay you the difference to your coverage level.

You can find more information in Insurance Product Information Document for DEFEND Gap.

When buying your car, ask your dealer for DEFEND Gap insurance.