Extended warranties DEFEND Car Protect now available for motorcycles

DEFEND INSURANCE has expanded its broad portfolio of extended warranties with motorcycle warranty DEFEND Car Protect BIKE. It applies to new and used bikes and protects against unexpected and often high expenses connected with mechanical, electrical or electronic failure.

Buying a motorcycle is a big financial investment, for which many aspects need to be considered. A new bike not only brings joy, but also potential problems with added repair costs. Regardless the quality of the dealer and the bike, used motorcycles are always at risk of failure of some of their components. In the case of new motorcycles, worries arise with the expiration of manufacturer’s warranty. It is precisely for these situations DEFEND INSURANCE launches extended warranties DEFEND Car Protect BIKE, which provides wide coverage almost comparable to the manufacturer’s warranty and offers protection for up to three years.

DEFEND Car Protect BIKE is available in two variants – DIAMOND and DELUXE. The first applies to motorcycles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty, and the second to bikes that reach a maximum age of eight years. Both variants have a maximum mileage limit of 50,000 km at the time of arranging the warranty. Thanks to a wide range of optional parameters, the warranty can be customized. The customer can choose the warranty period, limits of warranty benefits, mileage limit per year and deductible.

The BIKE program complements the broad portfolio of DEFEND extended warranties that are also available for new & used cars or trucks. The insurer is the leading insurance company Fortegra Europe Insurance Company with and A- rating from AM Best.

“Extended warranties from DEFEND have been a leader in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe for many years, and we have recently decided to expand them with another program for motorcycles because we want to reach another segment and increase our market share. We have previously launched the BIKE program in Poland, and we believe that it will gain at least the same success in the Czech Republic,“ says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.