Customer service: DEFEND INSURANCE is here for you

The quality of customer service affects both current and potential customers. In the age of social networks, one bad customer experience spreads at lightning speed. At DEFEND INSURANCE, we put client needs to the first place, and customer service is therefore a priority for us.

Thousands of customers rely on our products and services and we are grateful for their trust. However, this goes hand in hand with great responsibility. Our main goal is to help our clients in difficult times. That is why we pay significant attention to customer service, which fundamentally affects the overall customer experience, and plays an important role in the building of relationships with our clients.

’’One of the most important things for us is a positive experience with our brand, from the first to the last moment. Therefore, even during the training, we emphasize customer needs and especially the quality and speed of request processing,“ says Jiří Voborník, Claims Manager of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

Available online 24/7

Keeping up with customer requirements is a challenge for any company. Clients expect fast and qualified answers, while the convenience and choice of multiple communication channels are also important for them.

Customers can therefore contact us in several ways according their preferences. In addition to the classical e-mail and telephone line, where we have available an international team speaking five languages, with fast and effective redirection to the appropriate operator, resulting in shorter waiting times in the event of an emergency. We also develop modern elements of communication. One of them is Live chat on our website, through which they can connect with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Last but not least they can contact us through business partners, to whom we provide regular trainings and a variety of materials, and so customers can always expect excellent service as with us.

Claims settlement easily and quickly

A separate chapter of customer service represents for us claims settlements, from which customer satisfaction is significantly derived.

’’We believe, that claims handling is our greatest opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and we want to assure our customers, that they are buying a reliable service, and in the event of loss, the insurer will pay them the maximal possible benefit,” added Jiří Voborník.

We were able to speed up liquidation and reduce administration, so that we could focus on customer needs. We have also recently launched an online claims registration platform, which makes the whole process even easier.

The proof is almost 18,000 insurance claims in 5 countries, which we processed last year and approved almost two thirds of them. All confirmed claims were processed quickly, and most of them were paid within 1 to 6 days.

The vision of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP is to be more than a company offering products and services. By bringing unique and innovative solutions at all levels, including excellent customer service, we strive to make our customers less worried and 'Experience More'. The trust of clients is after all priceless.