Car sales are moving to the internet

Nowadays, most people go online when they are interested in buying a car. The potential sale is determined by just a few clicks. The key is therefore to be different and offer a unique experience. This is where DEFEND SpinCar comes in. The tool is capable of providing a 360° presentation of both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle from the comfort of the customers home.

Back in 2012, car showrooms were crucial for attracting potential buyers. On average consumers visited 5.4 dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. Nowadays, 93% of consumers start shopping online and visit on average only 1.6 showrooms before buying their car. This was accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced car dealers to close their showrooms. It is therefore crucial to attract customers online and at the same time standout from the competition. It is essential to be different and offer something extra.

The unique DEFEND SpinCar tool helps the customers fall in love with their next car without ever having to see it in person. It enables customers to perceive every detail of the exterior and the interior of the car whenever and wherever they want. The experience of a physical showroom is fully available to them via SpinCar. These virtual demonstrations increase the level of engagement in terms of generating more leads and ultimately boosting sales.

We are changing performance in the online world

“DEFEND SpinCar lifts the time spent on the website by 56%, reduces bounce rate by 21% and increases conversion rate by 42%. By transferring experience from the physical showroom to the online world, we are changing the performance of the automotive industry. Our solution enables dealers of all sizes and types to engage, educate and develop relationships with potential buyers. They will sell more vehicles and generate higher margins” says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director DEFEND SOLUTIONS GROUP.

Although DEFEND SpinCar is a complex software that includes marketing and reporting tools, it is very easy to use and integrate into current processes. Dealers can create 360° spin of exterior and interior and detailed images of the vehicle in 5 minutes. This is approx. 4 times faster than other imaging methods and the entire presentation can be online on average within 15 minutes.

In addition, DEFEND SpinCar offers the possibility of presenting complementary insurance and financial products with the vehicle. It offers the opportunity to increase sales which will compensate for the loss of profit caused by the coronavirus crisis since the initial phase of the customer’s search for a suitable new vehicle and dealer is a great opportunity to provide such information.

If you are interested in DEFEND SpinCar, do not hesitate to contact us.