Program T-ADVANTAGE for trucks

Extended warranty DEFEND Truck Protect T-ADVANTAGE ensures that in the event of failure of a part, the repairs will not dig deep into the driver's pocket, as this insurance covers the costs of repairs in the event of a sudden and unforeseen mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic failure of the insured truck.

The T- ADVANTAGE warranty is the best choice for the protection of new and used vehicles not under manufacturer warranty. It provides peace of mind and a sense of security for drivers of used trucks, and also offers a wide range of protection, so that the driver can enjoy the ride without worrying about repair costs.

The warranty can be concluded for trucks, which meet the following criteria at inception:

  • maximum vehicle age 10 years  
  • maximum mileage 1 000 000 km

DEFEND Truck Protect T-ADVANTAGE insurance period commences on the first day following the date of conclusion of the insurance.

  • Offers the wide range of covered parts.
  • Covers an unlimited number of claims up to the limit of insurance benefit.
  • Financial security is provided by Fortegra Europe Insurance Company.
  • Everything is supported by fast and quality handling of claims.
  • Insured vehicles over 3 500 kg.

You can also choose:

  • Insurance period 12 or 24 months.
  • Insurance benefit limit up to 300 000 CZK.
  • Number of mileage per year from 50 000 to 300 000 km.
  • Deductible from 0 to 20 000 CZK.

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Engine Cooling System   

  • Starter ring gear
  • Flywheel
  • Oil pump
  • Crankshaft and bearings
  • Timing gears and chains (excluding tensioner and electronic devices) 
  • Camshafts and bearings
  • Cam followers 
  • Oil cooler and intercooler
  • Tappet gear
  • Valves and guides (excluding burnt-out valves) 
  • Pistons and rings
  • Cylinder bores
  • Con rods
  • Exhaust brake (all parts, excluding seizing)
  • Core plugs
  • Rear main oil seal 
  • Thrusts and shims
  • Timing belts are also covered if the Insured provides proof that it was changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule
  • Engine electronic control unit 
  • Head gasket 
  • Thermostat 
  • Cooling fan clutch
  • Water pump
  • Radiator 

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Manual Transmission  

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Automatic Transmission 

  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Synchro hubs
  • Selectors
  • Bearings & bushes
  • Splitter mechanisms
  • Range changes and overdrive units if fitted (excluding electrics and external linkages)
  • Range change and splitter valves and solenoids
  • Torque convertor
  • Gears 
  • Clutches
  • Brake bands
  • Valve block
  • Governor 
  • Oil pump
  • Bearing & bushes 

Image 4

Clutch (Manual Transmission) 

Image 5

Rear axles  

  • Clutch plate
  • Clutch cover
  • Thrust bearing
  • Crown wheel and pinion
  • Half shafts, half shaft oil seal and bearings
  • Hub reduction gears
  • Bearings and two-speed operating mechanisms (excluding external linkages) 
  • Diff locks and mechanism
  • Planetary gears and diff pinion seal

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Image 7

Turbo charger 

  • Hydraulic or electro-magnetic retarders 
  • All internal parts

Image 8

Front wheel drive 

Image 9

4 Wheel drive 

  • Drive shafts including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (excluding gaiters)

  • Covered components as listed above for both front and rear wheel drive

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Electrical components 

  • Propshaft including universal joints and bearings 
  • Starter motor
  • Alternator 
  • Wiper motor
  • Relays
  • Electric window motors
  • Tachograph and sender units
  • Buzzers and horns (including air-horns)
  • Flasher/headlamp switch

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Fuel system 

Image 13


  • Lift pump
  • Fuel injection pump
  • EDC units
  • Pump couplings 
  • Steering box
  • Idler box
  • Power steering unit including pump
  • Pressure pipes and reservoir

Image 14

Braking system 

Image 15

Cab Components 

  • Master cylinder
  • Air control cylinder and brake actuators
  • Air valves
  • Servo
  • Wheel cylinders and calipers
  • ABS valves and sensors and control units
  • Compressor/air dryer and brake chambers

  • Cab levelling valves 
  • Tilt pups and rams
  • Suspension air bag units
  • Front and rear bushes

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  • Front and rear levelling valves
  • Load sensor valves
  • Air bags
  • Levelling control unit for raising and lowering of suspension
  • The following housings/casings are covered if they are damaged due to the failure of a covered component listed above: cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox/transfer casing, rear axle housing, carrier casing and bell housing.

  • When the insurance can be concluded?
    • Insurance can be concluded on the day of purchase.
    • The guarantee begins on the day following the conclusion of the insurance contract.
  • How can it be concluded?
    • Insurance can be concluded by phone and then by e-mail.  
  • What information and documents do we need to conclude it?
    • A copy of VTP and a sales contract or invoice.

  • Report of Damage Event:
    When you (insured party or on behalf of the insured) become aware of any damage that could lead to a claim you must report the damage within 7 days of the incident on +420 233 103 111 or by e-mail to
    In order to register a claim the claims adjuster will need to know the policy number or vehicle VIN code.
  • Selecting a warranty:
    In order for us to assess your claim, you must allow us or our authorised repairer to inspect your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be authorised to take your vehicle to any VAT registered repairer.
  • Documentation:
    For the prompt assessment of your claim we will need the following documentation: fault diagnosis, repair budget, claim reporting form, vehicle photographic documentation and a copy of the large technical license.
    No vehicle repair may be performed without the express permission of the administrator. All costs, work commenced prior to the approval by the administrator, will be covered by the insured and are automatically the basis for rejecting claims.

Extended DEFEND Truck Protect warranty is available directly from your car dealer.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Important: The previous information and list of components may differ from the insurance contract concluded specifically for your vehicle. In the event of any inconsistencies, only the terms of your insurance contract shall prevail.