Partnership approach is our way to success

Business partnerships, like life partnerships, are built on similar foundations. What matters most is mutual trust, support, open communication and satisfaction. Get to know the partnership approach of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP has become a leading player in the field of supplementary car insurance in Central and Eastern Europe and also in the UK. Our partner network currently comprises more than 3,500 vehicle dealers, 340 independent brokers and nearly 50 fleet and leasing companies across the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the UK, through which we reach hundreds of thousands of customers. Key to our success is our partnership approach towards business partners and clients which is based on several important pillars:

Mutual trust

Without trust, every partnership will fail sooner or later, and in insurance, trust and credibility play a particularly important role, because insurance is not a tangible product that I can touch and test right away, but a promise that if I run into problems, the insurance company will provide me with financial compensation to help me solve them. Customers and business partners of the company that offers insurance products need to be sure that the obligations will be fulfilled and the insurance will really help in difficult moments, such as a breakdown or total loss of the vehicle. In the case of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP, this assurance is provided, among other things, by our cooperation with Fortegra Europe, a leading international insurer with a prestigious A- (Excellent) rating from AM Best, which confirms its financial strength and stability.

"DEFEND can rely on more than 25 years of experience in the market, Fortegra has more than 40 years of history. During this time, we have acquired know-how that has helped us to set the direction of the market in many ways and to bring our partners and customers unique insurance solutions that respond flexibly to their current needs. What is especially important is that we are able to help effectively when there is a problem with a car. That's why we focus on handling claims quickly and professionally. Just for the last year, we handled almost 18,000 claims and approved and paid out more than two-thirds of them," says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

"In order to make cooperation with our partners successful, we need to have confidence in them. Therefore we provide them with extensive training to make sure that they offer our products in compliance with all laws and regulations and bring maximum benefit to their customers and themselves," adds Andrew Quirke.

Support and open communication

Another important pillar of business and life partnerships is support and open communication. We have already mentioned that we thoroughly train our partners. However, as we do not want to be only a product supplier but also a strong business partner, our goal is to connect our team with the partner company so that our cooperation can bring the best results in all aspects. This means that our partners not only have a team of our sales representatives available to train them and help them with their sales strategy, but also other experienced professionals who provide marketing or legal support, for example.

"Face-to-face communication is important to us and is great for getting feedback, which we use to continuously improve our products and services and develop new ones, but we also have technological tools that allow us to provide information support remotely, which proved to be especially important during the coronavirus pandemic," explains Kateřina Písaříková, CEE Marketing & Business Development Manager at DEFEND INSURANCE.

A key component in particular is our online system – iDEFEND, where our partners have all the information they need to know about insurance policies and claims easily accessible in one place. It also includes complete reporting, where they can find all the important data regarding our cooperation.

An effective training tool is our online training platform DEFEND LEARNING ACADEMY, where our partners can learn about our products, sales techniques and compliance policies through video tutorials.


One of the keys to a partner's satisfaction is understanding his/her needs while taking action to fulfil them. And because we are aware that the needs of individual companies operating in the automotive market and their customers may differ, we allow customized adjustments of product parameters and entry criteria, and especially branding with the logo and name of the company, which helps build its brand recognition.

Of course, there is also flexibility for customers who can choose the length of the insurance period, the limit of the insurance benefit, the amount of the deductible, etc. Thus paying only for what they actually use.

We consider quality customer service to be the main opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition and the way to a satisfied customer and therefore business partner. We focus on quick and individual resolution of all customer requirements. We have a variety of communication channels and a multilingual team of operators who are our customers' partners in every situation.

Do you want to know more about cooperating with us? Do not hesitate to contact us and experience our partnership approach.