New Corporate Identity to mark a new era of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP

Today, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP introduces a new corporate identity, which marks the start of a new era for us. The changes, which are inspired by our acquisition by Fortegra and our mutual aim for Pan-European growth, are planned to be completed by mid-2020.

Brand Guidelines

DIG Brand Guidelines 2019/2020

Since the very beginning, a single idea drove our every action – providing the best insurance solutions together with outstanding customer service – which will provide your business with ideal benefits and bring everyday satisfaction to your clients. Over the years DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP has grown and become the premier automotive insurance provider in the CEE region.

With our new brand, we have created a uniform global brand experience which is more modern and authentic while also clearly representing our mutual vision and goals with Fortegra.

The new DEFEND logo symbolizes our intention to deliver insurance solutions that are outside the box, while a subtle “D” is hidden within the mark, connecting us to our roots.

“DEFEND INSURANCE has been an industry leader over the years in bringing innovations to life and introducing ground breaking insurance solutions. We are now delighted to reveal our new corporate identity which, through the visual elements, connects our past with the exciting future ahead of us,” says Kateřina Písaříková, CEE Marketing Manager of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

Over the next few months you will gradually experience visual changes as the changeover to the new brand design which is due to be completed by mid-2020 as our CI can be seen and experienced in the design of everything connected to our products, in customer contacts and in the brand presentation as a whole.
Please memorize our new logo well to remind you that we are always available and you can easily find us. This is because when it comes to a brand, what matters is whether people recognize you.

“We felt a strong connection to our old design and know many felt the same. Yet, we hope you will identify yourself with our new corporate identity. We also want to remind all our clients, partners and employees of our on-going commitment to providing specialized, peerless products and services as it’s still us and the important things do not change,” added Písaříková.

We look forward to the bright future ahead of us where everyone can ‘Experience More’!

On a behalf of the DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP,

Kateřina Písaříková

Marketing Manager CEE