Completion of the acquisition of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP s.r.o.

As a result, Ingenasys now holds a 95% interest in the issued shares of the Company. DIG has four daughter companies (three are Lloyd’s Coverholders) with six offices in The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. During the 12 months ending July 31 2017, DIG’s reported Gross Written Premiums consolidated for the region topped EUR 36.5 million. DIG's principal underwriters are Syndicate 5820 at Lloyd's of London, (AmTrust at Lloyd’s), CIG Pannonia in Hungary and Gibraltar Insurer Acasta European Insurance Co. Ltd. Ingenasys s.r.o. is entirely owned by the company's management team.

“We are excited by our solid growth so far, where still a wealth of new opportunities await us in our CEE markets,” said DIG's Commercial & Managing Director, Andrew Quirke, “Increasing our investment into our people and projects along with management's stakes in the business right now just makes sense for us with what we want to achieve as a team.”

Quirke added: “We also thank our outgoing CEO, Ing. Pavel Vojtek, for his steadfast leadership that enabled us to reach where we are today, which is also in many ways thanks to the solid "DEFEND" brand he built over years of successful trading in CEE automotive security markets. We also look forward to cooperate with Ing. Vojtek as a business/distribution partner as he moves forward with his exciting new projects where we wish him sincerely the best of success.”

DIG employs 43 people and is a provider of automotive specialty-insurance solutions to the motor industry as well as an insurance claims administrator, active primarily in Extended Motor Warranty (Cars and Trucks), GAP insurance (Return-To-Invoice and Finance GAP) and other auto-related specialty products, administering business in the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, with a network of more than 1,000 participating automotive dealers and over 250 insurance intermediaries active in the region.