After negotiations between DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP and Business Lease, both parties have come to an international contract agreement. Covering 4 countries, with a planned expansion to Romania, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP will be providing extended warranties for vehicles with expired operational leases. The first warranty was sold in Slovakia today.

New Year, new collaboration. Shortly after the New Year, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP entered into a partnership with Business Lease which will now offer up to a 3 year extended warranty DEFEND Car Protect for every vehicle.

“Under this unique contract, we have committed to providing extended warranties for cars with expired operational leases in 4 countries (Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and prospectively Romania). The same conditions will apply to every country,“ said Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE.

Apart from 3 year extended warranty, we have handed over also gift package to the first customer.

“This is a unique collaboration between 2 strong automotive partners in Central and Eastern Europe that will move both the used vehicle and insurance markets a step forward and contribute to mutual business success," added Quirke.

Business Lease provides a variety of operational and financial leasing services for both private and commercial vehicles. It meets clients‘ needs with solutions that are flexible, easy-to-use and innovative. This is thanks to experience, quality suppliers and the power of innovation, combined with a passion for detail and the best care for you.

DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP is a provider of special insurance solutions for the automotive sector and a claims adjuster, focusing on extended warranties for both passenger and freight vehicles, GAP insurance and other automotive related products. DIG has four subsidiaries (three of which have the status of Coverholder at Lloyd's) and six branches in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. DIG's main subscribers are Syndicate 5820 of the British insurance market Lloyd's of London (AmTrust at Lloyd's), CIG Pannonia in Hungary, and the Gibraltar insurance company Acasta European Insurance Co. Ltd. For further information.