Extended warranty, the key to loyal customers in the world of vehicle sales 

Automobiles are complex machines and regardless of the brand and quality of the dealer, breakdowns can occur. However, it is possible to arrange financial protection in the form of an extended warranty. This gives drivers peace of mind on the road and encourages loyalty to vehicle dealers. Enter a world where customer satisfaction is not just a goal, but a commitment.

Buying a new car is an exciting moment, but it also comes with financial responsibility. After all, it is never quite certain whether an unexpected breakdown will occur. The risk is particularly high for used cars that are no longer under manufacturer's warranty. This is where extended warranties come into play, protecting vehicle owner's wallet from unexpected costs associated with mechanical, electronic and electrical breakdowns. Customers don't have to worry about an unexpected problem negatively impacting their family budget. Repairs to the engine, transmission, brakes, or air conditioning can run into tens of thousands of Czech crowns, and many households will feel the impact.

Choosing an insurance market partner is key

Extended warranties also help car dealers. It reduces the fear associated with buying used vehicles and not only brings additional revenue, but also increases customer loyalty and trust. However, it is essential to choose a reliable partner with whom both the car dealer and the customer can be sure that the damage to their vehicle will be resolved quickly and to a high standard.

The leading provider of extended warranties on the European market are the companies operating within the DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP. In the Czech Republic, the Group is linked to the insurer of the Czech branch of Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Limited, which continues to underwrite its innovative products such as extended warranties.

"Customer service and the claims handling process are particularly important for any insurance, and this is no different with DEFEND Car Protect extended warranties. Our partners and clients want to be sure that we will pay their claim. It is also essential that drivers can get back on the road as quickly as possible. So we are constantly improving the claims process to make it as efficient as possible and to exceed the expectations of our partners and clients," says Managing Director Andrew Quirke.

Claim approval within 24 hours

Across the 11 markets in which it currently operates, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP processed more than 36,000 claims in 2022 and approved more than two-thirds of them. For 2023, the volume of claims processed is expected to grow to 45,000.

"We can completely resolve an insurance claim within the next day. If the client delivers the vehicle to a partner service centre, which immediately provides us with all the necessary documents and diagnostics of the defect, and also has the capacity to repair the car immediately, the owner of the car can be back on the road the next day. As a rule, however, the whole process takes 5 to 10 days as we wait for the documents to be delivered. Once they are delivered, we approve the insurance claim within 24 hours," says Jiří Voborník, Claims Manager for the entire DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

Another advantage of DEFEND Car Protect extended warranties, is the range of reimbursable activities. It is not only the replacement or repair of the covered part that is reimbursed, but also the work of the service department. The client is also covered for the towing of the vehicle to the workshop for up to CZK 5,000 and a replacement vehicle as part of the additional cover.

Watch out for the engine, water pump and turbocharger

Car failure can occur regardless of the quality of the brand and dealer. It happens even with brand new cars and the risk increases with every kilometer driven. According to data from DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP, the five most likely parts to fail are the engine, water pump, engine block, turbocharger and clutch. The turbocharger, injectors, water pump, flywheel and cylinder head are among the five most costly repairs.

Verified by clients

Trust is a key element in the insurance industry and client satisfaction is therefore paramount. There is no difference at DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP, which boasts 4.8 stars out of five in Google Reviews and has already been rated by more than 800 clients.

"We are proud of the high ratings and positive reviews from our clients. They prove that our efforts to provide excellent customer service are reflected in our daily practice and that we succeed in fulfilling our commitments to our clients and partners," adds Gabriela Motejzíková, Country Manager of DEFEND INSURANCE s.r.o., a member of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP in the Czech Republic.

Flexibility for clients and partners

The individual partnership approach to clients and partners is one of the greatest advantages of cooperation with DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP. It is reflected, not only in customer service and claims handling, but also in the actual set-up of products and cooperation with partners.

DEFEND Car Protect extended warranties have a number of optional parameters that allow the client to set them up exactly according to their needs and pay nothing extra. You can choose the insurance period, the annual mileage and the deductible. Similarly, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP allows you to tailor the extended warranty to the needs of its partners and their customers, including branding with the partner's logo and name.

"Across Central and Eastern Europe, we deliver insurance products that give clients peace of mind on the road, while opening up an excellent opportunity for our partners to grow and develop their business through additional commissions, income from potential claims, and most importantly, increased trust and loyalty from their customers. Enter a world where client satisfaction is not just a goal, but a commitment," urges Gabriela Motejzíková.

Do you want to get a strong and reliable partner in the insurance market? Would you like to start offering extended warranties? Do not hesitate to contact DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP by e-mail info@defendinsurance.eu or by phone +420 233 103 111.