DEFEND launches a new assistance service Carlife Assistance

In Slovakia, DEFEND presented a new addition to its portfolio, an assistance service called Carlife Assistance. The product is available exclusively for the Slovak network consisting of twelve AAA AUTO branches. It was created in cooperation with the leading provider of assistance services AXA ASSISTANCE CZ.

Carlife Assistance comes into play when the car is unable to drive due to an accident, breakdown or driver error. There are five programs marked A to E and the provided services include for example continuous support of the call centre, on-site vehicle repairs from 60 to 90 minutes, wheel replacement, starting the car in case of discharged battery, tire repair or fuel refill when tank is empty. It also offers unlocking of the vehicle in the event of a broken key or locking from the inside, coverage of the key replacement costs when it is lost or stolen and finally, refill of the AdBlue liquid.

Assistance services are available not only in Slovakia, but also in other European countries except for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey.

“In cooperation with AXA ASSISTANCE CZ, we have developed a completely new product for our long-term partner AAA AUTO, that we believe will contribute to the satisfaction of their customers and further business development,“ says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

AAA AUTO offers Carlife Assistance services included in the price of most vehicles and are one of the few used car dealers that provides this type of service to its customers.

“Customer satisfaction with our cars is our first priority. This approach has brought us the position of market leader in the field of used vehicles, but to maintain our leading role, we always need to offer customers something extra. Therefore, we have joined forces with DEFEND INSURANCE to create a new product of assistance services exclusively for our branches in Slovakia. We believe that it will help our customers to relax during a roadside breakdown as everything is taken care of,” says Karolína Topolová, CEO and Chairman of the Board of AURES Holdings, the operator of the AAA AUTO car centre network.