Communication is key for DEFEND

The insurance industry is highly regulated and a number of rules need to be followed. The key is to have open and fair communication with customers as well as business partners. What does it mean for us at DEFEND INSURANCE?

For the success of our products and services it is absolutely essential to have reliable and cooperative partners, who pass our know-how to end customers. To have such a partnerships is necessary to focus on mutual communication, which helps to share the same values and visions and to select the most suitable solution for the customer in order to maximize sales revenues.

Thorough training

”We regularly visit our partners from the ranks of new and used cars dealers, leasing companies and brokers and provide them the maximum information and documents about our products, including marketing materials,“ says Country Manager of the Slovak branch of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP Oliver Kiss.

A novelty is the online training platform DEFEND LEARNING ACADEMY (DLA), which enables a thorough and a user friendly remote training programme for our business partners. It enables them to learn important information about DEFEND products and the sales process.

All DLA materials are based on 25 years of expertise in the field, and it is possible to tailor everything to individual business partners, which increases the effectiveness of the training.

Reliable marketing

It is also a matter of course to adapt DEFEND products to individual partners, which allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition. These tailored products actually present around 50% of our portfolio.

Tailored products reflect the identity of each partner and the individual needs of their clients. Therefore, we provide branded marketing materials. These allow us a unique combination, to participate on brand building of individual partners, without jeopardizing of promise of open communication. The materials created by us, carefully and clearly explains the benefits of our products to customers, while providing us with the assurance that clients are informed correctly and are not mislead.

Transparent reporting

Openness and transparency are important for DEFEND at all phases of the business process. Thanks to our online iDEFEND system, our partners have all the information they need to know about insurance contracts and claims at their fingertips in one place. Part of that is also complete reporting, where the partners can find all the important data related to our cooperation.

Transparency is key to us also towards the public, which is why we regularly publish reports about DEFEND activities and our annual report, where we present our results and future plans.

Real partnership

At DEFEND we focus on making our products and services as beneficial as possible both for our customers and partners, and this helps us to grow further. But we wouldn´t achieve our success without striving for a long-term and functional partnership at all levels.