New products and wider eligibility thanks to cooperation with Fortegra

Effective from July 1, 2020, customers in Hungary can enjoy first benefits from cooperation with Fortegra, resulting in new products and change in the eligibility for DEFEND Car Protect programmes.

Following the establishment of new operating company, DEFEND INSURANCE Kft., which became a tied agent for Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Limited (FEIC), an international A-rated insurer, DEFEND INSURANCE is delighted to announce first benefits for its partners and customers coming from this cooperation due to Fortegra’s expertise and financial stability.

Improving our current product portfolio, we have widened eligibility for extended warranty DEFEND Car Protect programmes:

ADVANTAGE: maximum mileage of 200,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 6 years

COMFORT: maximum mileage of 250,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 10 years

PLUS: maximum mileage of 300,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 15 years

Moreover, we have launched new extended warranty programmes; DEFEND Car Protect DELUXE for cars that have expired manufacturer’s warranty. DEFEND Car Protect DELUXE is similar to the manufacturer’s warranty as it is designed as an “all-risk” product and covers everything except for the specifically excluded parts.

DELUXE: maximum mileage of 160,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 6 years

DEFEND Gap product line did not remain untouched. Welcoming our new programme, DEFEND Gap DIRECT, being the only one within our available products that can be set-up with no connection to vehicle purchase.

DIRECT, which covers the loss of vehicle value, is unique for its flexibility as the input and output values are determined according to the Eurotax price list, which makes it possible to conclude the insurance at any time for cars up to 10 years old with no purchase price or mileage limitation. At the same time, clients can choose the optimal amount of indemnity that corresponds to their needs and the value of the vehicle.

“We are delighted that close cooperation with Fortegra has already increased the quality of our services, resulting in wider eligibility and bigger product portfolio for Hungarian market. We follow Fortegra's motto of “Experience More”, which allows customers to worry less and “Experience More through unique products securing their road safety”, said Emilia Nagy, Country Manager for Hungary.

Our newly established partnership with Fortegra Europe is mutually beneficial for all parties, enabling our partners to offer improved products that better fulfill the needs of their customers while the customers can have better coverage even for older cars with higher mileage, giving them daily peace of mind.

This is the first step in opening the stream of benefits this cooperation has to offer and we believe that these changes will contribute to even better satisfaction of our partners and their customers.