GAP insurance is now more affordable. DEFEND has adjusted the insurance benefit limits

DEFEND INSURANCE strives to continuously improve and innovate its products and this is the case with DEFEND Gap insurance, which provides protection against vehicle depreciation in the event of total loss or theft. In order to make Gap insurance available to a wider range of customers, including owners of cheaper cars, DEFEND has extended the range of insurance limits for its most popular MAX programme, including a combination with the XS variant. There are now three limits – HUF 4,000,000, HUF 8,000,000 and HUF 12,000,000. The limit for the purchase price of the vehicle has also been increased to HUF 40,000,000.

The value of a car decreases rapidly after purchase and the risk of financial loss increases with the length of use. In the event of total loss or theft, CASCO insurance will only compensate up to the market value of the car at the time of the incident.   

However, the entire financial investment into the vehicle can be protected for up to 5 years thanks to DEFEND Gap insurance, which now becomes even more beneficial for owners of cheaper cars, as well as luxury and premium ones, thanks to adjustments of the insurance benefit limits for the flagship DEFEND Gap MAX and DEFEND Gap MAX+XS programmes.  

DEFEND Gap MAX provides protection up to the purchase price of the vehicle. When combined with DEFEND Gap XS, this insurance also covers the deductible for CASCO insurance. 

The original limit of insurance benefits for this programme was HUF 8,000,000 and at the same time it could not be more than 60% of the sum insured. Now there are three benefit limits – HUF 4,000,000, HUF 8,000,000 and HUF 12,000,000. The 60% condition has been abolished. At the same time, the limit of the purchase price of the vehicle has been increased to HUF 40,000,000.   

"Expanding the range of maximum benefit limits, both upwards and downwards, allows a wider range of customers to take full advantage of Gap insurance. Owners of cheaper cars will now be able to get it at a lower price and, conversely, those with a luxury car can better protect their high investment," says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.  

The MAX and MAX+XS programmes are available for passenger vehicles with unlimited mileage, up to 3,500 kilograms and no older than six years at the date of the insurance arrangement. Clients can conclude them up to 120 days from the date of purchase of the vehicle. It offers the widest range of covered risks, including accident, regardless of fault, theft and damage caused by natural disaster. However, only those risks that are covered by the CASCO insurance are insured. Policies are arranged without a deductible and are also available for electric and hybrid vehicles.