Motorcycles under the best protection with DEFEND Car Protect BIKE

Another novelty has joined the offer of DEFEND INSURANCE, upgrading the wide offering of extended warranty programmes. We introduce a new, additional program DEFEND Car Protect BIKE, dedicated to motorbikes and scooters, which will now protect new and used bike vehicles. Variant BIKE offers protection of parts caused by sudden and unexpected part or unit of parts failure, which results in stoppage of the insured vehicle.

DEFEND Car Protect BIKE is intended for both, motorbikes and scooters up to 8 years from the day of registration, meaning, that it provides protection for new and used vehicles. Extended warranty is intended to provide protection of components, operating materials and casing, so in case of their failure the driver does not have to worry about repair costs.

Program BIKE complements the portfolio of DEFEND Car Protect wide offering insurance for passenger, truck, agricultural or recreational vehicles, taking into consideration also bike vehicles. Uniqueness of this program consists in high claims limit, equal to other DEFEND Car Protect programmes, so it allows repairment of expensive parts of the bike.

“DEFEND Car Protect from for years marks a great performance at in the market and for that reason we decided to extend the offer to bike vehicles. We are pleased to say, that each new product launching launch is prove proof for of our client- focus commitment. In At DEFEND we care about our client’s needs and naturally introduce more options to a larger scale of customers”- said Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE.

More information about DEFEND Gap DIRECT can be found here.

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