Where can I have my car repaired when I have a DEFEND Car Protect warranty?

Insurance can be concluded through an extensive network of our contractual partners (new and used car dealers, insurance brokers etc.), usually when purchasing your car. We therefore advise you to speak to your dealer about DEFEND insurance products when buying a vehicle. In case your dealer does not offer DEFEND INSURANCE products, please contact us by e-mail szkody@defendinsurance.pl or by phone at +48 32 797 10 41 and if your vehicle meets the conditions of insurance entry, it will be possible for us to arrange it.

How can I purchase DEFEND insurance?

DEFEND insurance products can be purchased through an extensive network of our contractual partners (new and used car dealers, insurance brokers and leasing companies), usually when purchasing your car. We therefore advise you to ask your broker about DEFEND insurance and arrange the insurance through them.
In case your dealer does not offer DEFEND insurance products, please contact us by e-mail at info@defendinsurance.pl or by telephone on +48 32 797 10 41 and if your vehicle meets our criteria, we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

What is covered by the DEFEND Car Protect warranty?

DEFEND Car Protect warranty, insurance for Mechanical and Electrical Failures, covers sudden and unpredictable internal mechanical or electrical failures of the covered parts of the insured vehicle. The list of covered parts is listed in the relevant Warranty Program, which your dealer should familiarise you with before or during your purchasing of the warranty. You will receive a printed version of the Warranty Program and the General Insurance Conditions when you purchase the DEFEND Car Protect insurance warranty.

Why do I need a warranty when the seller of a used vehicle is legally responsible for hidden defects?

The seller of the used goods does bear the legal responsibility for the defects of the goods, but only for the defects which were demonstrated at the time of the sale / taking over of the goods (the vehicle) and which the buyer did not notice (hidden defects).
On the other hand, the warranty on a used vehicle protects you against the costs of faults that occur on the vehicle / occur after the takeover of the vehicle into your possession.

Why do I need a warranty when the vehicle is under the manufacturer's warranty?

It’s true that you don’t really need a DEFEND Car Protect warranty if you have a valid manufacturer's warranty. Nevertheless, our warranty programs for new and used vehicles continue your cover once the manufacturer's warranty has reached it’s time or mileage limit. By purchasing the DEFEND Car Protect warranty prior to the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty, you can extend your cover by up to 3 years and up to unlimited mileage (similar to that of the manufacturer's warranty)

Who and how do they assess whether it is a legitimate insured event?

The validity of a claim is assessed by the claims department together with DEFEND INSURANCE's Claim department under the policy‘s terms and conditions. The assessment is carried out on the receipt of the completed Inquiry Report form, or other requested documents (photographs, etc.), and in some cases also on the basis of a personal inspection of the vehicle at the repairer where the vehicle is located.

Can a claim be rejected? Why?

Yes, unfortunately, a claim can be declined and the insured is then forced to pay for repairs from their own financial means. The most common reasons for declining a claim include:

  • The damaged part is not listed on the list of covered parts of the specific policy;
  • The insured did not follow the claim process (e.g. the repair was conducted prior to a DEFEND Claim Adjuster’s prior approval);
  • This is not a sudden malfunction, but rather just normal wear and tear;
  • The defect was pre-existing damage prior to the commencement of the policy;
  • The fault was due to negligence of the insured (e.g. driving without oil, etc.)

We encourage each client to carefully read the coverage and insurance terms and conditions and, in case of any uncertainty or questions, contact us.

Do I need to service my vehicle at an authorized manufacturer’s service centre?

A vehicle‘s service must be performed by the dealer you bought the car from or an authorized service center. An authorized service is a manufacturer or independent service that is capable of performing the service, subject to the procedures and scope of work prescribed by the car manufacturer, and using original or equivalent quality spare parts.

Where do I have to buy a car so I can purchase the DEFEND Car Protect extended warranty?

DEFEND Car Protect warranties can only be provided by our contractual partners - sellers of new or used vehicles in the Czech Republic. If you are looking for a car and you are interested in DEFEND Car Protect, please contact us and we will make confirm if the dealer you want to buy a car from is one of our contractors.

The DEFEND Car Protect warranty on a used car can be arranged only on the day and at the point of sale of the vehicle by our contract dealer.

The DEFEND Car Protect warranty for a manufacturer's warrantied vehicle can be negotiated either directly with the dealer or one of our co-operating insurance brokers, until the 2-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty expires, if the vehicle does not exceed the specified mileage limit for insurance (see Products / Automotive Guarantees / Diamond, Crystal).

Does the warranty also cover failures that occur when traveling abroad?

The DEFEND Car Protect warranty covers damage occurring in the territory of the Poland and during temporary journeys to countries of the Europe excluding Russia. In the event of a vehicle failure abroad and repair of the vehicle on-site, please contact us immediately in order for us to inform you of the correct process. In the case of a repair required outside the Poland, the payment for spare parts and labour is limited by the prices and rates required by a repairer in the Poland.

How much is the guarantee?

It is very difficult to determine the amount for which DEFEND Car Protect can be guaranteed because it is based on many parameters and most of them are chosen by the client.

The base rate is based on:

  • Type of Warranty Program
    (the vehicle qualifies for it according to age and mileage)
  • the volume of the vehicle engine

Optional parameters that affect the rate:

  • Insurance period
  • Limit km / year
  • Limit on insurance benefits
  • Excess

If you are interested in calculating the DEFEND Car Protect premium rates for a specific vehicle, please contact your car dealer directly.

What do I do if I buy a used vehicle without a service book?

The warranty can also be arranged for a vehicle without a service book, but the insured is also obliged to carry out regular service inspections in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This applies to the period during which the insured is the owner of the vehicle, respectively for DEFEND Car Protect insurance period. We recommend clients keep all documents relating to vehicle maintenance and servicing as proof in case of an event occurring which may lead to a claim being made.

I am selling a car that I have insured with you. Does the warranty also apply to the new owner?

If the DEFEND Car Protect warranty is still valid, in most cases it may be transferred to a new owner when the car is sold. The insured is obliged to report the change of the owner of the vehicle within 14 days of the sale of the vehicle through the transfer form, which is part of the Warranty Program. The DEFEND representative then confirms the approval / denial of the transfer.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance is generally used as a supplement to accident insurance.
GAP = Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance is offered in connection with the purchase or financing of a car, and the client is guaranteed for insurance against the original purchase price of the vehicle in case of total damage or theft, or the client is protected against the debt to the leasing company or the bank.

Which GAP insurance is the most suitable for me?

The cheapest option is not always the best option nor the most expensive option the finest. You need to carefully look at the risk you are exposed to and then choose your insurance coverage accordingly.

  • Are you buying an expensive vehicle in cash or on a loan and want to be sure that if you lose it, will you be able to pay the same price for another? DEFEND Gap MAX is the right one for you.
  • Are you purchasing a car for operating leases and do not want to get into debt to the leasing company in case of theft / total damage? Then DEFEND Gap LEASE is the best choice for you.
  • Are you an experienced driver, park your car in a garage, but you are afraid of ‘pirates‘ of the road? DEFEND Gap MINI is here for you.

How is my vehicle valued?

When purchasing the insurance policy, the insured sum is based on the purchase price of the vehicle on the invoice / purchase contract upon purchase. The purchase price of the vehicle only includes factory fitted accessories and does not include services, charges, insurance, etc. The invoice / purchase contract for the vehicle must not be older than 120 days.
In the case of an claim event, the general price of the vehicle the vehicle had at the time of the insured event is determined. The generic price is the financial amount for which the vehicle could be sold at a given time, and as a rule it is determined by the primary (emergency) insurer and we accept it for the calculation of the insurance benefit from the GAP insurance.

When and where can DEFEND GAP be negotiated?

DEFEND GAP insurance can be arranged within 120 days of the purchase of the vehicle (from the date on the invoice / purchase contract for the vehicle) through the dealer you are buying the car from (if they have a co-operation agreement with us) or with one of our co-operating insurance brokers. If you are interested in DEFEND GAP, please call our information phone line +48 32 797 10 41 or send us an email via info@defendinsurance.pl.

Can I change the accident insurance company during insurance period of DEFEND Gap?

Yes, the accident insurance company can not only be changed during the DEFEND Gap policy’s term, but you can also adjust the insurance amount to the current general vehicle price. Note! In the event that the insurance policies of your accident insurance are not immediately enforced, the DEFEND Gap insurance contract is still valid, but it does not cover you at the time when the accident insurance is interrupted.

How do I report a change?

To avoid complications in the settlement your claim, we would appreciate your timely notification of any changes to your insurance (e.g. changes to the vehicle’s registration).
Please contact us at +48 32 797 10 41 or e-mail us at info@defendinsurance.pl about the changes.

What information do you have about me?

We will only use the information you provide us to administer your policy and handle any claims.

The information we process includes:

  • address and identification data (including date of birth, identifying information, nationality, tax residence)
  • data on agreed services and other information you provide to us or data that we find out during the provision of services, including, data that we create in connection with our obligation to process the data obtained

More information about how we process your personal information can be found here.

How do I make a claim?

When you become aware of any event that could lead to a claim, please contact us immediately on +48 32 797 10 41 or e-mail at szkody@defendinsurance.pl.
A claims adjuster will explain the claims procedure to you, as well as provide you with a claim report form.
We aim to make the claims process as efficient as possible. We therefore ask for your cooperation in complying with the claims process, as well as the timely delivery of any required documents as per your policy terms and conditions.