Program 2**

Carlife Guarantee is intended for drivers who are buying a used car, so they don’t have to worry about possible future breakdowns.

Program 2** is a suitable variant for the protection of middle aged vehicles. This program includes insurance protection in the event of a sudden and unexpected internal mechanical and electrical failure of the insured vehicle. It offers protection of the basic range of components with wider scope of electrical parts of the vehicle, thus provides peace of mind to the driver’s.

The insurance can be concluded for vehicles, which meet the following criteria at inception:

- maximum age of 10 years
- maximum vehicle mileage 120 000 km

The product can be purchased in the AAA Auto.

  • Insurance period up to 3 years.
  • Insurance can be concluded for vehicles up to 3 500 kg.
  • Claim limit per one claim is 4 800 zł.
  • Wide range of covered parts. 
  • Maximum of two claims per every year of insurance period.
  • Without deductible.
  • Mileage limit up to 30 000 km per year.
  • Insurer of this product is Acasta European Insurance Company Limited.

Warranty can be arranged only for cars bought in AAA AUTO from Aures Holding group (AAA AUTO, Mototechna,AutoDiskont). AAA AUTO offers Carlife Garance already in price of most of the cars and is one of few dealers of used cars, that protect their clients this way.

Please note that any concerns arising from contractual obligations between the vehicle vendor and the buyer are dealt with as a complaint to the dealer directly. If you are unsure whether to direct your concern to the dealer, feel free to contact us at +48 22 316 65 12.

  • Report of Damage Event:
    When you (insured party or on behalf of the insured) become aware of any damage that could lead to a claim you must report the damage immediately after the occurrence of the damage on +48 22 316 65 12.
    In order to register a claim the claims adjuster will need to know the policy number or vehicle VIN code.
  • Selecting a warranty:
    In order for us to assess your claim, you must allow us or our authorised repairer to inspect your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be authorised to take your vehicle to any VAT registered repairer.
  • Completing the form and documenting required documents
    The Insured must then fill out the Claim Report Form and provide the following documents:
    - diagnostics statement (diagnostic protocol, mechanical failures then detailed description of defect from selected claims insurer)
    - preliminary budget for the cost of repairing a vehicle from your chosen item on the territory of Poland (repair costs - spare parts and hourly rate + material and parts + VAT)
    - photo: damaged part, VIN vehicle, tachometer, vehicle view incl. SPZ
    - in the case of a covered part of the engine, it will be necessary to document the service history of the vehicle from the date of its purchase (in particular proof of oil change in the engine, eg service book or invoice for replacing oil from repair, etc.)

    No vehicle repair may be performed without the express permission of the administrator. Only dismantle damaged parts due to fault diagnosis or if necessary because of damage. All other costs and work commenced prior to the approval by the administrator will be covered by the insured and are automatically the basis for rejecting claims.
  • Assessment and payment of insurance benefits
    After receiving all required documents, we will assess your claim. Once your claim has been approved, after the vehicle has been repaired, you will be required to email us an invoice for the repair of the vehicle, a photograph of the old and new parts (both parts in one photograph) and photographs of the new parts mounted on the vehicle.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Important: The previous information and list of components may differ from the insurance contract concluded specifically for your vehicle. In the event of any inconsistencies, only the terms of your insurance contract shall prevail.