Wider Coverage, Better Protection: Updated terms and conditions of extended warranties

Discover the latest changes and enhancements to our DEFEND Car Protect warranty programmes. Starting March 2024, DEFEND is rolling out new terms and conditions for its DIAMOND, e-DIAMOND, CRYSTAL, and ADVANTAGE warranty programmes across the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian markets, as well as in the Baltic States.

"At DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP, we continuously strive to innovate and enhance our products to meet the evolving needs of our partners and clients. Consequently, we have revised the terms and conditions of several of our DEFEND Car Protect extended warranty programmes, effective March 2024," says Andrew Quirke, CEO of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

The first amendment reflects the trend of lengthening factory warranties, offering an extension option for arranging extended warranties under the DIAMOND, e-DIAMOND, and CRYSTAL programmes, tailored for vehicles with valid manufacturer warranties. Now, these programmes can be arranged for vehicles up to 5 years old, as opposed to the original 3 years.

The second amendment entails the inclusion of new components within the ADVANTAGE and CRYSTAL programmes, incorporating the timing belt, NOx sensor, EGR valve, and lambda sensor.

The third amendment pertains to the DELUXE and DIAMOND programmes, which offer the widest range of covered components and include infotainment as an optional extra – an entertainment and information system that is appearing more and more frequently in vehicles. This enhancement encompasses a wider range of equipment and higher policy limits.

"We firmly believe that the foundation of any long-term partnership is a commitment to provide quality products at a reasonable price with first-class support and facilities for long-term development. It is this philosophy that drives us to continually innovate our products, and we are confident that the wider coverage and better protection in our DEFEND Car Protect extended warranties will delight both our partners and their customers," concludes Andrew Quirke.