Third quarter of 2019 in new co-operation with Fortegra

DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP closed a very successful third quarter, which was also our first period with Fortegra by our side. We registered 49,000 policies, a total GWP value of € 22.5 million making it a growth of 21.6 % compared to the same period last year.

Although the past few months have been marked by the challenging acquisition process, we have continued to grow, with the most significant results in Slovakia, at a recorded growth of 37,26%.

In addition to achieving outstanding sales results, the third quarter of 2019 was very exciting for DIG. It represented a period focused on our future evolution as we commenced several beneficial partnerships and made pivotal system developments.

In the Czech Republic we have become an associate member of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers (AČPM), a professional organisation, which takes care of the common interest of brokers on local and global insurance markets, contributing to the future direction of the market. We have also formed new partnerships in the region. For example Emil Fray and DS brand in Hungary, Havex in Czech Republic and Royal Cars in Poland.

Besides building new relationships, we also focused on improving our in-house offerings. We are pleased to have launched the testing of online claim registration for select partners, with a full launch planned during Q4 to streamline the whole process whilst maintaining a high standard of claims assessment. Select partners who are testing the feature, are able to register the claim in iDEFEND themselves, track its current status and inform the client straight away which is a benefit to all parties.

To improve the experience of our partners further, we have been working on the implementation of our system iDEFEND with Caris, provided by Teas spol. s.r.o., the biggest Czech provider of software for motor dealers and repairers. Our existing partners can look forward to significant time savings, less errors and overall more efficient systems, contributing to greater customer satisfaction.

“Over the years, we have been focusing on growing and nurturing our relationships with the right partners. Whilst continuing to grow, we have been dedicating considerable time to the improvement of our operations and streamlining the processes for them. We believe this will contribute to the creation of a stable base for future growth in the upcoming years.“ said Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

We are also determined to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders in the 4th quarter, with a planned full launch of online claim registration, implementation of iDEFEND with Caris and release our new corporate identity to mark the new era for DIG with Fortegra with our mutual goal for Pan-European growth.