DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP begins 2018 with most successful first quarter ever

We started the year with crucial changes related to two of our companies – Czech and Slovak branches were re-named to DEFEND INSURANCE s.r.o., from original DEFEND FINANCE s.r.o. These changes relate to the fulfilment of our long-term strategies of development and we believe these changes will help to strengthen our corporate identity in the market and the positive perception of our brand.

“After structural changes last year, we entered 2018 with high expectations and I am glad that we succeeded in fulfilling them. The first quarter of this year was the most successful we have ever had since entering the market and we managed to cross the line of 8 900 contracts per month. This also shows the capability for the company to process a large number of independently registered policies per day through the iDEFEND online system,” says Managing Director Andrew Quirke.

What is behind our great success? We are always trying to exceed customers’ expectations by developing our products. Thanks to that, our customers can conclude GAP insurance even for electric cars, hybrids and other alternative fuel cars (LPG/CNG) as the first ones in the region. Together with EUROCNG, a leading retailer of CNG vehicles, we also extended our DEFEND Car Protect Advantage CNG warranty programme for CNG components in fuel system.

“Our experience and international background allow us to move forward. 2018 will be full of innovations, not only from our insurance division. Last year we invested a lot of effort into the innovative online platform DEFEND SpinCar, which allows the dealers to present vehicles with 360° videos of interior and exterior with a unique overlap in the reporting and marketing areas,” Quirke concludes.

All of these changes and plans should contribute to the further growth of our company and the consolidation of our position as a leading provider of insurance services and solutions for the automotive sector.