DEFEND Technical Control STK available to more customers in Czech Republic

DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP is pleased to confirm that from 1 July more partners from its extensive network will offer DEFEND Technical Control STK insurance. After successfully completing an initial testing period, this product will now be available to even more customers in the Czech Republic, complementing our complex portfolio of popular products.

An MOT test is usually one of the most stressful aspects of owning a car and is something every car owner must face biennially. When buying a used car, it is difficult to determinate the actual condition of the vehicle and impossible to predict the condition it will be in when the time comes for an MOT test. As a response to both customers’ and the insurance market’s needs, DEFEND INSURANCE now brings peace of mind to every driver and every used vehicle buyer through DEFEND Technical Control STK insurance.

DEFEND Technical Control STK covers the cost of repairs or replacement of the numerous covered parts which fail to meet the requirements of an MOT test. It can be purchased for vehicles no older than 10 years with an accumulated mileage of up to 200 000 kilometers, providing insurance protection counted for the next MOT test anytime during the 2 year period.

“We are proud to say that our products are not only trendsetters in market, but at the same time focus on complementary and complex protection to satisfy clients’ needs. DEFEND Technical Control STK provides additional protection which can be flexibly combined with other insurance products to provide an even larger spectrum of coverage. This will ensure the most multi-faceted protection for used cars and relieve its drivers of almost all worries,” said Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

DEFEND Technical Control will be now available through an even wider spectrum of our partner network, including MamaCar, DAN a SYN, Autocentral Plzeň and Trotina. They will be offering DEFEND Technical Control STK separately or as part of a complex package together with DEFEND Car Protect, insurance for mechanical and electrical breakdown.