DEFEND's extended warranty is now available in car service centres

More and more clients are taking advantage of the option to arrange an extended warranty for their vehicle while they purchase it, but now, it's also possible to arrange a warranty at a later date during the vehicle service. DEFEND has expanded the entry conditions for the DEFEND Car Protect DELUXE warranty and is growing its extensive network of partners to include car service centres. The product offers customers broad coverage comparable to the manufacturer's warranty and is available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

DEFEND INSURANCE, a leading provider and administrator of specialty insurance products in Central and Eastern Europe, is meeting the new demand for car protection. DEFEND Car Protect DELUXE as well as other DEFEND extended warranties, protects customers against unpleasant costs caused by sudden mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdowns of the insured vehicle. It offers insurance coverage comparable to the manufacturer's warranty and is available for vehicles with a maximum age of 6 years and 160,000 kilometres.

Customers can arrange protection for up to three years during the vehicle’s service check, which can provide cover right up until the vehicle reaches nine years old, well beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty period.

Having the possibility to arrange unlimited mileage for the entire period of insurance provides peace of mind to customers who drive a lot. In the event any of the covered components fail, the customers can be sure that their vehicles will be repaired professionally using quality spare parts. The insurance also covers the towing of vehicles from the place of the breakdown to the service centre, with the possibility of a replacement vehicle arranged, depending on the coverage. The customers can also rely on fast and professional claims handling.

"With the option to arrange DELUXE extended warranty after the vehicle has been purchased, we plan to grow our extensive network of partners by including car service centres, especially those at new or slightly used car dealers. This will make our extended warranties more accessible for customers and make it easier for them to get unbeatable protection which is comparable to the manufacturer's warranty. And, of course, the extended warranty also has a number of benefits for the garages themselves," says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.