DEFEND launches their smart key protection product – DEFEND Key Protect

DEFEND INSURANCE presents their new product – DEFEND Key Protect. A unique online service that allows owners of lost keys to be contacted by the finder, thanks to a smart keychain. For maximum protection, the product also includes key insurance, provided by market leading insurer – Fortegra Europe Insurance Company.

Every year millions of people lose their keys and their chances of finding them again are very small. However, they are usually found by someone else and thanks to DEFEND Key Protect, this person can return the key to its owner, quickly and safely. The principle is simple and effective. The owner only needs to register his/her unique ID number located on the keychain via the online portal and then attach the keychain to his/her set of keys. In the event that the keys are lost, the finder can use the keychain’s ID number to instantly and anonymously notify the owner of its location.

It is a system, which doesn't track user location nor requires a battery to operate, is 100% anonymous and works globally. For maximum protection, DEFEND Key Protect also includes insurance of car keys by Fortegra Europe Insurance Company. It provides reimbursement of key replacement costs in case it cannot be recovered with the smart keychain, whether due to theft or loss. It also covers the cost of unlocking the vehicle when the keys are locked inside and there is no duplicate available.

As a bonus DEFEND Key Protect offers a service for smartphones which works on the same principle as the keychain. Phone tag uses the device lock screen to place a permanent recovery message with an identification number, enabling the finder to connect with the smartphone owner via an instant, anonymous chat. The second bonus is pet protection. Smart pet tag connects the finder and owner of the animal and allows it to return home quickly and safely.

“DEFEND Key Protect is a unique combination of four products in one, which has no competition on the market. It offers customers an effective system of protection of their valuables with a return rate up to 80% within the first 24 hours. It has extra added value because new car keys can cost up to 20 000 CZK, smartphones even more and a family pet is priceless,“ says Andrew Quirke, Managing Director of DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP.

DEFEND Key Protect is currently available for customers of selected DEFEND INSURANCE partners, especially vehicle dealers. It will also be available online in the second half of the year.