Program COMFORT for trucks

Warranty program DEFEND Truck Protect COMFORT can be arranged for used trucks N2 and N3, which at the date of conclusion of the insurance contract meet the following criteria:

  • max. age 10 years
  • max. 1 000 000 km at inception   

The warranty is usually contracted at the point of sale of the vehicle and begins at the moment of sale.

  • Offers the wide range of covered parts
  • Covers an unlimited number of claims up to the limit of insurance benefit.
  • Financial security is provided by Lloyd's of London (A + rated insurer).
  • Everything is supported by fast and quality handling of claims.

You can also choose:

  • Insurance period up to 2 years.
  • Insurance benefit limit up to 12 000 €.
  • Number of mileage per year from 10 000 km to unlimited.
  • Participation from 0 to 800 €.

  • When the insurance can be concluded?
    • Insurance can be concluded on the day of purchase.
    • The guarantee begins on the day following the conclusion of the insurance contract.
  • How can it be concluded?
    • Insurance can be concluded by phone and then by e-mail.  
  • What information and documents do we need to conclude it?
    • A copy of VTP and a sales contract or invoice.

  • Report of Damage Event:
    When you (insured party or on behalf of the insured) become aware of any damage that could lead to a claim you must report the damage within 7 days of the incident on +421 2222 11 702 or by e-mail to
    In order to register a claim the claims adjuster will need to know the policy number or vehicle VIN code.
  • Selecting a warranty:
    In order for us to assess your claim, you must allow us or our authorised repairer to inspect your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be authorised to take your vehicle to any VAT registered repairer.
  • Documentation:
    For the prompt assessment of your claim we will need the following documentation: fault diagnosis, repair budget, claim reporting form, vehicle photographic documentation and a copy of the large technical license.
    No vehicle repair may be performed without the express permission of the administrator. All costs, work commenced prior to the approval by the administrator, will be covered by the insured and are automatically the basis for rejecting claims.

Extended DEFEND Truck Protect warranty is available directly from your car dealer.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Important: The previous information and list of components may differ from the insurance contract concluded specifically for your vehicle. In the event of any inconsistencies, only the terms of your insurance contract shall prevail.