Eligibility requirements for ADVANTAGE, COMFORT and PLUS products have changed

Cooperation with Fortegra brings its first benefit for partners and customers of DEFEND INSURANCE. Starting 1 November 2019 we are changing the eligibility conditions in Slovakia for DEFEND Car Protect ADVANTAGE, COMFORT and PLUS products.

During the year, we entered into a new partnership with FORTEGRA, an internationally recognized specialised insurer with an A rating. We have taken this step primarily to bring you even better products and more unique services.

The first benefit of this cooperation is the new eligibility conditions for DEFEND Car Protect products:

ADVANTAGE: maximum mileage of 200,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 6 years

COMFORT: maximum mileage of 250,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 10 years

PLUS: maximum mileage of 300,000 km and maximum vehicle age of 15 years

“We are delighted that the benefits of working with Fortegra have come so fast and we are bringing amended eligibility conditions for the Slovak Republic less than three months after its announcement. Here we follow Fortegra's motto of 'Experience More', which allows customers to worry less and 'Experience More' through our unique products in the automotive market,” said Oliver Kiss, Country Manager for Slovakia.

This is mutually beneficial for all parties with our partners able to offer improved products to better meet the needs of their customers, while the end customer can insure an older car with higher mileage, giving them daily peace of mind.

This is the first of many benefits that will bring a new era of DEFEND INSURACE and we believe that these changes will contribute to the satisfaction of our partners and their customers, with older vehicles now having better insurance coverage.