Extended warranty DEFEND Car Protect CRYSTAL ensures that in the event of a failure of a part, the repairs will not dig into the driver's pocket, as this insurance covers the costs of repairs in the event of a sudden and unpredictable mechanical, electrical or electronic failure of the insured vehicle.  

The CRYSTAL variant is the best choice for the protection of new and used vehicles, but still under manufacturer warranty. It provides peace of mind and a sense of safety for drivers after the manufacturer's warranty expires. This warranty offers a very wide range of protection almost equal to the manufacturer's protection, so that drivers can enjoy the ride without worrying about repair costs. It provides a peace of mind for longer!

The warranty can be concluded for vehicles, which meet the following criteria at inception:

  • are less than 24 months old and have accumulated no more than 70 000 km (for vehicles with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty)
  • are less than 36 months old and have accumulated no more than 100 000 km (for vehicles with a 3-year or more manufacturer's warranty)

DEFEND Car Protect CRYSTAL commences on the first day of the insurance cover indicated in the contract of insurance.

  • Offers wide range of covered parts.
  • Covers an unlimited number of claims up to the limit of insurance benefit.
  • Financial security is provided by Lloyd's (A + rated insurer).
  • Everything is supported by fast and quality handling of claims.
  • Insured vehicles can be up to 3 500 kg.

You can also choose:

  • Extension of manufacturer's warranty for up to 3 years or just increase the mileage limit up to unlimited.
  • Insurance benefit limit up to the vehicle purchase price.
  • Number of mileage per year from 10 000 km to unlimited.
  • Deductible from 0 to 1500 PLN.

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  • All internal lubricated components
  • External Engine Components: air intake manifold, flywheel, ring gear, turbocharger 
  • Electronic engine control unit
Manual, Automatic, CTX
  • All internal lubricated components
  • Control units, mechatronics

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  • Master brake cylinder
  • Wheel brake cylinders
  • Pressure-limiting valve
  • Power brake booster
  • Modulating valve and ABS sensors
  • Pressure plate
  • Clutch throw out bearing
  • Master and slave cylinder

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Steering (including power steering)

Image 5

Electrical Components 

  • Rack and pinion steering (excluding boots)
  • Steering gear housing
  • Power steering rack and pump
  • Electric power steering motor
  • Idler arm housing
  • Power steering reservoir
  • Starter motor
  • Alternator
  • Ignition coil
  • Coil voltage regulator
  • Turn signal flasher relay
  • Windshield and rear windshield wipers and washer motors
  • Window and sliding roof motors
  • Central lock motor
  • Heater fan motor

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Front, Rear and 4-wheel Drive  

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  • All internal lubricated drive components 
  • All internal lubricated components

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Fuel System

Image 9

Fuel Injection System 

(diesel and petrol)
  • Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps 

  • Throttle,
  • Air volume flow meter
  • Injectors

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Engine Cooling System 

Image 11

Air Conditioning

  • Radiator
  • Oil cooler
  • Water pump
  • Air conditioning compressor unit
  • Air control dampers 

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Operating Materials and Housings  

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Towing service

  • Operating fluids, filters and housings are covered only if they need to be changed due to the failure of a covered component listed above.
  • The costs for towing transport to the nearest qualified repair shop are reimbursed up to a maximum of 800 PLN, if the insured vehicle becomes immobile in connection with the failure of a covered component listed above.

Optional extended coverage  

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CNG/LPG Kit Components  

Image 15

Rental Car Reimbursement  

  • Gas ECM, change-over switch, regulator/vaporiser/reducer, multivalve, sensors, valves, solenoids.
  • The costs for renting a reimbursement car are covered, if the breakdown covered under the Insurance Contract will exceed 24 hours. Reimbursement shall be limited to 250 PLN per day for a maximum of 7 days.

  • When the insurance can be concluded?
    • The insurance can be concluded during the manufacturer's warranty.
    • The warranty begins at the expiration of the manufacturer warranty.
    • If the warranty is conluded without any connection to the purchase of the vehicle and on the date of concluding the insurance policy there are less than 60 days remaining in the original manufacturer’s warranty period, the insurer shall not be liable for any insured event arising as a result of a breakdown which occurs within 60 days following the date of concluding the insurance policy.
  • How can insurance be negotiated?
    • Insurance can be also concluded by phone and then by e-mail.  
  • What information and documents do we need to conclude it?
    • A copy of VTP and a sales contract or invoice.

  • Report of Damage Event:
    When you (insured party or on behalf of the insured) become aware of any damage that could lead to a claim you must report the damage within 7 days of the incident on + 48 32 797 10 41 or by e-mail to
    In order to register a claim the claims adjuster will need to know the policy number or vehicle VIN code.
  • Selecting a warranty:
    In order for us to assess your claim, you must allow us or our authorised repairer to inspect your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be authorised to take your vehicle to any VAT registered repairer.
  • Documentation:
    For the prompt assessment of your claim we will need the following documentation: fault diagnosis, repair budget, claim reporting form, vehicle photographic documentation and a copy of the large technical license.
    No vehicle repair may be performed without the express permission of the administrator. All costs, work commenced prior to the approval by the administrator, will be covered by the insured and are automatically the basis for rejecting claims.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Important: The previous information and list of components may differ from the insurance contract concluded specifically for your vehicle. In the event of any inconsistencies, only the terms of your insurance contract shall prevail.