Emissions and technical tests are getting stricter. However, you can buy insurance

As well as technical inspections, emissions measurements are increasingly more stringent. They are becoming a more and more stressful obligation, especially for owners of older vehicles. Thankfully, it is now possible to arrange insurance for both technical and emissions inspections. DEFEND INSURANCE has recently expanded its technical inspection insurance to include both, thus offering drivers' complete protection for their next regular technical and emissions inspection. Now, if wondering why this product, unique to the Czech market is worthwhile to not only drivers but also for its sellers, then let us explain.

As of January 1st 2022, additional regulations have been added to MOT and emissions measurement stations, to prevent possible cheating and to make sure measurements are more accurate. There has been a change in the way specialised diagnostic equipment is used, specifically for the measurement of the exhaust pressure and temperature so that it is not possible to manipulate the probe which can affect the number of pollutants that are detected. Cars must also be photographed to prove that no other vehicle has been tested in its place. With the Czech fleet being the fifth oldest in the European Union and the average age of the vehicles being 15.6 years, this is no surprise that for owners of older cars, technical and emissions inspections are becoming an increasingly stressful obligation.

Used vehicles must pass a technical inspection and emissions measurement every two years, so, it pays to thoroughly prepare for both inspections, especially if the car has already been through a lot. If the car owner is not an expert, it is difficult for him/her to estimate how the car is doing, especially in terms of emissions. However, it is no longer necessary to spend additional money on diagnostic repair services to check and repair the vehicle.

Drivers can now arrange insurance that will provide them with financial protection for both events. Should the car fail the next regular technical inspection and/or emissions measurement, the insurance will pay for the replacement or repair of the covered components so that the car can be back on the road as quickly as possible. With the ever-increasing prices of service work and spare parts, which are gaining momentum due to inflation and rising energy prices, you now have the opportunity to save tens of thousands of crowns.

Developed alongside experts in technical and emissions procedures.

Emissions measurement insurance is new on the Czech market. Complemented by the popular MOT insurance, offered exclusively by DEFEND INSURANCE, who specializes in speciality insurance and other related products and services for the automotive industry. DEFEND INSURANCE currently operates within 8 European markets and has developed their technical and emissions inspections insurance alongside industry experts. Named DEFEND Technical Control, it provides cover for the essential components needed to pass these tests. In addition, they will also pay the fees for repeated technical inspection and/or emission measurements, service work and possible towing, in the event the vehicle needs to be transported to a service centre because the defects are so serious that the car is prohibited from driving away from the MOT station.

Comprehensive protection and of income

"Technical inspection insurance is gaining more and more popularity among Czech drivers. We have now extended it to also cover emissions inspections listening to the wishes of our partners and clients, who fear increasingly strict controls. Our DEFEND Technical Control insurance offers comprehensive protection and significantly reduces concerns not only relating to mandatory inspections, but also relating to the purchase of used vehicles themselves. This not only brings extra income to dealers in the form of insurance commissions, but also supports the primary income from car sales. Another plus is the possible income from subsequent repairs of potential insurance claims as well as an increase in the seller's credibility," explains Gabriela Motejzíková, DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP Country Manager for the Czech Republic, about the benefits of DEFEND Technical Control insurance for business partners.

Protection for cars up to 20 years old

DEFEND Technical Control can be arranged for cars up to 20 years old with maximum mileage of 400,000 kilometres, a scope that is not usually covered by most insurance providers. The insurance includes a wide range of covered components, both for the technical part and for measuring emissions, on top of that the limit of insurance coverage is 50,000 CZK, which is more than enough to make sure that the car owner does not have to stress about the next inspection or reach deep into their wallet. In addition, the insurance has no deductible or limit on the number of kilometres driven during the duration of the insurance contract.

Individual approach and quick handling of claims

For most their car is indispensable, whether they need it for commuting to work or for their business. If the car does not pass the technical or emissions inspection, it is crucial for its owner to be able to get back on the road as soon as possible.

"We know that quick claims settlement and high-quality customer service are top priorities for our clients. It is in this area that we see the main opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We approach our clients individually and try to solve their problem as quickly as possible without a lot of paperwork, so that they can use their car again for any activities they need. The approval of the insurance claim take place with us the same day after the delivery of the documents," explains Gabriela Motejzíková, adding that this year DEFEND is approaching almost 28,000 claims and has approved and paid out almost two thirds of them.

DEFEND partners can also enjoy an individual approach and quality support. "It goes without saying that we have a partnership approach which is strengthened by continuous support from our Key Account Managers. We also allow customization of our products to suit the needs of a specific partner, including unique branding with their own logo to strengthen their brand and differentiate it from the competition. In short, our goal is for productive cooperation, to bring stable and high-quality results, both in terms of business success and customer satisfaction," concludes Gabriela Motejzíková.

Would you like to start offering technical inspection and emission measurement insurance? Do not hesitate to us by e-mail info@defendinsurance.eu or phone number +420 233 103 111.

The article was published in the Autoservis & Mobilita magazine (November 2022).